About Us

Water Fountains and Garden Decor is a small internet-based
company that sells  and installs water fountains and various kinds of home, yard,
patio, and garden decor such as bird feeders, birdhouses, candle
holders, candle lamps, garden plaques, lanterns, lighthouses, metal
garden decor, miscellaneous garden decor, plant shelves, plant stands,
planters, garden sculpture, vases, votive holders, wall shelves, and
windchimes.  “Integrity Business Systems and Solutions” is the parent
company for “Water Fountains and Garden Decor.”

For years, I have been fascinated with
gardens and the ornaments that significantly add to the gardening
“experience” and finally decided to go into business selling some of the
garden-related items that I personally own and treasure.

Perhaps the best way to address some of your concerns and issues is
to provide you with a “frequently asked questions” (FAQ) section.

1.    Why did you choose to build your website using Yahoo
Merchant Solutions?
2.    What is your “unique selling proposition”?
3.    What is your Return Policy for broken or defective items?
4.    What is your Return Policy for non-broken, non-defective items?
5.    What methods of Payment do you accept?
6.    What is your shipping policy?
7.    What shipping options can I select from?
8.    How much does shipping cost?
9.    Do you ship to PO Boxes?
10.  How long does shipping take?
11.  Are shipments insured?
12.  Where do you have information on your web site about
13.  When can I expect the back-ordered items to become
“orderable” on your website?
14.  How do I get a tracking number for my order?
15.  Can I order by mail, fax, or phone?
16.  Is my credit information safe if I order online?
17.  Why do you need my email address?
18.  What business name will be billed to my credit card?
19.  Do you have catalogs?
20.  When will you update your web site with new arrivals?
21.  What is your physical address and how can we contact you?
22.  What are your products made of?